Jan 11

Surprise. The language isn't complete. However, it is coming along nicely, and the web site is up at

This may very well be the last update to GUF's web site. Ever. If someone would like to take over the project, I'd be happy to let them, but I don't expect that to happen. As far as I am concered, Evlan will do everything I ever wanted GUF to do and more, so I have no reason to work on GUF anymore.

Oct 25

Well, at this point it would appear that GUF is a dead project. Why? Simple. It has been replaced. I am now working on a completely new programming language which is designed in the spirit of GUF but will provide so much more. An initial implementation of the language (i.e. slow, buggy, no API, but working) should be ready by the end of the year. Unlike with past projects, I actually have an obligation to meet this deadline, so it WILL be met. More information will become available at that time (I will post a link on this web page). But here's a little teaser:

I wrote a complete asynchronous (and highly scalable) IRC-like chat software suite (client and server) in this language in only 161 lines of code. Also, a basic XML parser (equivalent to what GUF has now) would take fewer than 100 lines of code. It's object-oriented and imperative, but it borrows concepts from functional and logical programming. There is no way to write a program in this language which might cause a segmentation fault or throw a null pointer exception. It is nearly impossible to write a program in this language that doesn't take advantage of parallel processing, but thread synchronization issues are mostly handled automatically. And, finally, in some situations, at least, it has the potential to be faster than C.

Yes, it will be open source.

Jul 2

For those who were wondering: I have had almost no free time over the last few months, first due to finals and now because I have a full-time job. What small amount of free time I do have is usually taken by either Final Fantasy X, Twins baseball, or one of a few select people (you know who you are ;) ). I still hope to return to GAUGE and GUF eventually, but it probably won't happen until either I finish FFX or the Twins drop out of contention or win the series. :)

I'm sure that was more than any of you needed to know. :)

Mar 18

Work on GUF is speeding up. The plugin system is coming up very soon on my TODO list. I hope to have it done this week, though of course you know what they say about software projects -- they will take twice as long as you expect, even if you account for this fact. So, we'll see.

Once the plugin system is done, it will be much easier to contribute to GUF. People will be able to work on plugin modules separately from the main code base very easily and with very little potential for conflicts. Ahh, the joys of object oriented programming. :)

Feb 1

I have uploaded an updated version of the MinGW compiler package for use with GUF. (MinGW is the compiler we used on Win32-based platforms.) This version fixes a few issues with MinGW 1.1. More info...

Additionally, the current source code for GUF is finally available on CVS. Check it out in the downloads section.

Jan 19

I added some documents to the documentation section.

Jan 18

This web page is live!

Jan 17

GUF has now split from its parent project, GAUGE^3D. The two will remain closely related, in that GAUGE will use GUF, but they are no longer the same project.